The Finest Ingredients That Nature Has To Offer
I started Pomona Chocolates in 2009 because I wanted to create luxury chocolates that taste as exquisite as they look. The company is named for the Roman harvest goddess Pomona, and with that inspiration, we really have to use only the finest, most beautiful ingredients that nature has to offer. Colors and flavors are inspired by the change of seasons; combining fruit, flowers, teas and coffees with spices and herbs from all over the world. The flavors may be ever evolving, but the commitment to deliver a first rate chocolate experience is constant. The chocolate that we use comes from the finest chocolate manufacturers in Belgium, France and Switzerland.
"Julie Lachowyn is doing a fantastic job with her original and quality chocolates. Each and every chocolate and palet she prepares is out of this world. Julie, keep doing what you are doing, you’re awesome!"
Vincent Cachot - Executive Chef
Intercontinental Hotel - Cleveland, OH
(419) 366-4295

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